Next Virtual test session will be run by Glacier Falls FSC.  Deadline to register and submit forms and videos is June 8, 2022.  Please visit the Glacier Falls entryeeze website for more information.


Added June Virtual Test Session (5/17/22) ​​

Icetown Carlsbad Test Dates:
May 18th, time to be determined; deadline to register: May 4th, 6pm - Canceled

Test Results
Baileyana Foote - Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
Ryker Sweigart - Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field, with Honors

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​Dear Members of The North County FSC,

The North County FSC Board of Directors is proud to announce that we will be merging with the Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club.  We have found that due to low membership numbers and the inability to hold competitions, our operating funds are being depleted.  At the start of the new membership year, our members will register with Glacier Falls FSC. 

This merger will bring expanded opportunities as well as prestige to our skaters.  Glacier Falls FSC holds multiple competitions throughout the year and is known as “the fun club” in Southern California, considerations that the Board took into account when making the decision to merge.  I will be the point of contact for any and all questions you may have.

We will continue to hold test sessions in Carlsbad as Glacier Falls FSC, as well as the monthly virtual test sessions.  I will be continuing on as test chair for test sessions at Carlsbad and for the virtual test sessions. 

You will be receiving an email in about a month from Cris Pozanac, Membership chair at Glacier Falls FSC, explaining how to go about registering with our new club.

Best of luck with your skating,

Suzie Whitehead

President, The North County FSC